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Triad BankYour business. Your family. Your bank.
Welcome to the world of Triad Bank


- 1. A union or group of three.

Triad Bank
Your Business. Your Family. Your Bank.

Triad Bank was established to provide a unique local banking alternative for the St. Louis metropolitan and surrounding areas. The organizers of Triad Bank in deciding an appropriate name for the bank thought it should reflect a meaningful association between our target market and the core beliefs of the company. In the end, we thought naming the bank Triad best described the business concept and the related connection among an individual's business, family and bank. Triad Bank is well-capitalized, having raised over thirteen million dollars in less than two months via a private placement offering that closed in March 2005. The dollar amount is significant both for the amount raised and how it positions the bank for substantial growth to meet our client's needs.

Triad Bank, as its tag line attest, is a full service financial institution established to provide a wide range of commercial and personal banking services to closely held businesses, their owners and families, and other individuals located throughout the St. Louis metropolitan and surrounding areas. Our platform is a relationship-based approach which gives our valued clients the comfort of knowing all their banking needs will be satisfied by a single financial institution, from sophisticated cash management programs and working capital lines of credit to a child's first savings account.

The bank offers a wide variety of deposit products at competitive rates. In addition to this range of accounts designed to meet your personal and family banking needs, we offer a full range of sophisticated Cash Management products that allow our business clients to automate their banking needs, while providing them the ability to sweep excess deposits into interest bearing accounts.

The Bank has a talented lending staff committed to providing creative solutions for our clients. Lending decisions are made quickly and locally by decision makers committed to understanding your special business needs, to assure a lending solution that not only meets but exceeds the client's expectations.

In addition to providing the best products, Triad Bank provides unparalleled service to our valued clients. We are locally owned and committed to the highest level of quality service. Our directors are well known local business owners and professionals. They, along with management and staff, are dedicated to insuring the best possible banking experience for all our clients. We welcome you to contact any of our knowledgeable staff for assistance in finding a creative banking solution for your business, personal and family banking needs.