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  • ACH Cash Concentration

    - (For companies with multiple banking relationships).
    Use ACH originations as a way to concentrate your cash position from multiple banking relationships. Transferring funds from non-Triad depository banks to your main Triad operating account can be easily done via online banking, which will allow you a central point for cash control. This service allows you to decrease idle balances in other deposit accounts and maximize return on your cash resources by improving your earnings capacity in your central operating account.
  • Zero Balance Accounts

    - (For companies that need multiple checking accounts and a simple way to manage them).
    The Zero Balance Account allows companies to concentrate funds from multiple Triad Bank accounts into a central account. All disbursements out of the ZBA will automatically fund from the central account and will leave the disbursement account at a zero balance each day. This allows companies to consolidate cash balances and maximize funds available for investment.