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  • Account Reconciliation Processing

    -Partial ARP - Each month receive a listing of all checks that have cleared your account (s).
    -Full ARP - In addition to the paid check listing, you can also receive a listing of all outstanding checks (which ties into our Positive Pay module), miscellaneous debits and credits, and a summary report for the month that includes a beginning account balance, summary totals for the items indicated above, and ending account balance.
    -Deposit Reconciliation - Receive deposit information grouped by location. This allows multiple locations to deposit into one account and still maintain information separated by unit.
  • CD-Rom Imaging

    Eliminate your paper statements by receiving your monthly account statements on one simple CD-ROM. This will include images of your bank statement, paid checks, deposit slips and deposited items.

  • Financial Electronic Data Interchange

    Will provide detailed information regarding ACH receivable payments from your vendors or trading partners. Whenever a FEDI transaction is received via the ACH network, Triad Bank will provide you a summary report detailing the transaction which would include invoice numbers, store numbers or compensation breakdowns.

  • Online Banking

    Please see the online-banking summary for options available with this product.

  • Positive Pay

    (For companies with high check volume and who may be concerned about potential check fraud).
    With the positive pay service, companies greatly reduce the chance of significant loss due to stolen or fraudulently created checks. Whenever checks are cut, you would provide Triad Bank with an issue file that contains the check number and check amount of all issued checks. The Bank will match the file against incoming checks and advise you of any discrepant items. You may then view the check image via the online banking system and make the decision to return or pay the check.